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Sick Baby Sister Can’t Sleep. Mom’s Footage Of Brother’s ‘Rescue’ Goes Viral

It can often be difficult for older siblings to adjust to the incoming addition of baby siblings into their lives. After all, they’ve gone from being the only child to suddenly having to share most of the attention they used to get with a newborn, who is constantly crying and demanding the focus of their parents!

Image Credit: Facebook

But that’s not to say that big brothers and sisters don’t love their new siblings, or that they can’t learn to care for them and shower them with affection! Take this cute brother and sister pair, for example. Little sis was having some trouble falling asleep, as babies often do. She was kicking up a fuss and refusing to go to sleep at all!

Image Credit: Facebook

Luckily, her brother was around to offer help. Gently, he lifts her onto his lap and cradles her, cuddling her and rocking her back and forth in an effort. Although his little sister still doesn’t fall asleep easily – I mean, what puts babies to sleep, anyway; some days it’s anything, and some days nothing works – he patiently carries out his big sibling duties with a seriousness that’s adorable!

This responsible and loving brother has taken the Internet by storm as a video of him soothing his little sister has gone viral. This kindness and compassion speaks volumes about the kind of person he’ll grow up to be. What a lucky sister!