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Bridesmaids Hold Rescue Puppies Instead Of Flowers To Help Them Find Forever Homes

Planning a wedding is a special moment in life.

Making it uniquely personal means elaborating on tradition and creating a celebration that will be unlike any other.

A wedding ceremony is a perfect occasion to put a modern spin on custom.

Venue selection, color-scheme, music, and decor are all fantastic opportunities for creative expression.

Going with a contemporary wedding gives a couple a sense of welcomed flexibility to include all the elements that are important to them.

Details that make each couple whole, is truly about their specific journey.

Part of that journey should include tokens of once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Pet ownership is a beautiful element of commitment.

Puppies included as a token of love is just one great example of how bride Samantha Clark included her beloved dogs on this special day.

In lieu of traditional bridesmaid’s bouquets made of flowers, wedding attendants proudly carried adorable, local, rescue puppies down the aisle.

This fun, meaningful gesture was an exciting surprise for guests and was a way for the couple to give back to their wonderful community, further commemorating their blissful union.

Pet shelter AHeinz57 granted the request of the couple.

With current weather crises like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, pet rescues are running at full capacity now more than ever.

Always in need of homes for dogs and countless homeless pets, this creative and kind gesture was a win-win for Samantha and the six, two-month-old, lucky puppies who were each blessed on the day of her wedding.

Wedding day photos catapulted the idea of party-puppy-love into the Internet stratosphere.

Dog lovers and engaged couples are ecstatic over the idea of elevating tradition to include similar details.

These adorable pictures will have you swooning and contemplating how you can plan a similar event.

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