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Bride And Groom Expect DJ To Play Special Song. Sister Says To Look At Figure Standing At Door

Brandon and Sara’s wedding at the Sugar Island Barn in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, was about to begin. They knew that Tammy, one of their close friends, had a special surprise for them, but they weren’t entirely sure what it was. Little did they know that it would involve a very famous country band!

Image Credit: YouTube

The couple planned to have their first dance to the DJ playing “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, which was also their favorite band. After everything they had been through together, they felt like that song described their journey together the best. Naturally, Tammy wanted to invite the band to the wedding, since she knew they would be in the area for the Country USA concert, but she wasn’t sure if they would show up, being the busy band they were.

Image Credit: YouTube

Tammy wrote a letter to Rascal Flatts a few months before the wedding, asking them if they could make an appearance. To her surprise, they said yes! They were coming to perform the bride and groom’s first song in perform. The band recorded their journey to the wedding as well as the events that took place there, and the reactions of the happy couple are too adorable not to share! Check out the video and see for yourself!

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