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How To Break Free From A Frontal Choke Hold

Self-defense is a skill that many people do not have – especially women. There are some good tips and tricks you can pick up if you are a woman that will help keep you safe. You can never be to careful out there! In this video, we learn how to escape from a frontal choke hold.

Can you imagine being pinned up against a wall while someone is trying to choke the life out of you! The technique you will learn in this video is considered to be a “brutal street technique,” but it is your life we are talking about – so brutal is the way to go! This video proves you don’t need to be stronger than your opponent, just smarter!

Take a look at this video

Not only will this trick help you escape, but you will incapacitate your attacker, and he won’t be in any condition to try and chase you!

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