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Brave Man Rescues Tired Owl Struggling To Free Itself From Fishing Line

The owl had been sitting on the piece of wood for a long time – all day and all night. The owl was seen in the pond at Lost Creek Country Club. The kind man, Craig Love, noticed the owl and realized that there was something not right about it, no owl would stay in one place for that long unless something was wrong.

The owl was stuck. More accurately, there was fishing line tangled around its wing, and it couldn’t get free. Craig volunteered to go out and try and free the bird. Watch the video to see how Craig was able to get the owl free! You will get to hear from Craig too.

Take a look at this video

The music in the video just adds to the suspense of the whole thing! I can’t believe the owl let him get so close and handle his wing like that! Amazing!

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