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9-Year-Old Boy Sees Police K-9 Without Protective Vest, Raises $90,000 To Protect K-9s From Bullets

Nine-year-old Brady Snakovsky is a precocious young man on a noble mission.

Brady, who’s accomplished more than most established business people, founded his organization when he was in third grade.

Since pioneering his business, Brady’s amassed substantial support from his community.

The inspiration for Brady’s company came after watching an episode of “Live PD.” Brady, who has a penchant for police work, is especially keen on police dogs.

While watching the show, Brady noticed that some of the canines weren’t donning bulletproof vests. After all, they’re putting themselves in just as much danger as the officers.

Brady was appalled when he realized that most K9 units are sorely lacking in this department.

Most police stations can’t afford to supply each canine with a vest because they run about $1,200.

In the hopes of sparking a charge, Brady established the K9 Bulletproof Vest Fund.

This nonprofit organization has one clear-cut goal: to provide canines with adequate protection while they’re out in the field.

Brady’s movement has won the hearts of many, and his GoFundMe page is gaining considerable traction. Thus far, Brady’s raised over $74,000 for police pups.

Not surprisingly, Brady is over the moon with his progress.

To date, Brady has donated 79 vests to canines in need, and he has no intentions of stopping until he’s furnished every K9 across the country with the appropriate gear.