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Boys At Skate Park Spot Lifeless Woman On The Ground. What Followed Next Will Stun You

Boys will be boys. The boys you see in this photo are being called heroes. It is heartwarming to know that these boys are being hailed as heroes – not troublemakers! They are Owen, Noah, Waylon, Jonah, and Miles. The boys were having some fun at the Santa Rita Skate Park in Tucson, Arizona when they saw something that shocked them.

A woman was lying next to the restroom. The boys were not sure exactly what was happening – the woman, the boys said, looked like a zombie – she was very thin. One of the woman’s homeless friends had just come out of the restroom but didn’t realize her friend had passed out.

boys and lifeless woman

Image Credit: N/A

Miles ran over to the woman and tried to see if the collapsed woman was breathing, she barely had a pulse. They called 911. Owen started CPR. At the time, Owen didn’t think he was going to be successful. Five minutes after they made the call, the ambulance arrived.

boys and lifeless woman

Image Credit: Pixabay

Owen had learned CPR after his grandfather’s life had been saved by someone who happened to know how to do it. After the incident, the boys asked their principal to offer a CPR class to the school. The principal agreed and is organizing a class for the students. CPR can save lives! Do you know CPR? Watch the video below to meet the young heroes.

Consider taking a class to learn CPR – you never know when you may need it. You could be someone else’s hero one day!

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