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Boy Who Greeted Mailmen Everyday Disappeared For 8 Months. Then Mom Reveals Why

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a child that has a serious illness. Childhood should be filled with fun and games, not doctors and medications. The postal workers that visited the Watkins home were always greeted by Matthew Watkins. He was an inspiring postal worker. But, then out of the blue, Matthew was gone.

For eight months, no one greeted the postal workers at the Watkins home. One post woman found out that Matthew had been diagnosed with Leukemia. She and her fellow postal workers set up a fabulous surprise for when Matthew finally came home. Watch the video to see what they did. Anyone can be a hero.

Take a look at this video

You don’t have to have a cape or tights or a fast car. All you need is a heart and the ability to show kindness to your fellow man. Spread some joy – it’ll do you good! Share away, people.