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Boy With Cancer Has One Request So He Asks Comedian To Attend His Funeral

Everyone has someone they look up to – a hero or a role model. We want to be just like them and would love for them to at least know that we exist (right?). In the video below, Russell Howard, a comedian, shares with his audience a story about a young boy named Dylan. Howard is an English comedian that is known for his TV show Russell Howard’s Good News.

Dylan, 14, was a cancer patient who had asked Howard to attend his funeral. Dylan had been given only three days to live and had planned out his funeral. That is a burden no 14-year-old should ever have to bear. The video below does have graphic language, and it may not be appropriate for everyone, but the message is worth it.

The end is really the best part, so be sure to stick around for that!

Laughter is truly the best medicine.

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