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Cops Show Up To Wrong House And Shoot Little Boy’s Dog At His Birthday Party

Eli Malone was having a birthday party. He was turning five.

The children at the party had just gone inside the house to have cake when they all heard a loud bang.

They looked outside to see the family dog, Opie lying on the ground bleeding.

Opie had been shot by an Oklahoma, police officer. Eli’s parents ran outside and found Opie, a three-year-old pit bull mix gasping for air.

dog shot dead

Image Credit: Fox 25

No one had called the police – why had the officer been there? Was the dog acting vicious? What prompted the shooting?

dog shot dead

Image Credit: Fox 25

According to reports, Officer Josh Franklin from the Wynnewood Police Department shot Opie with a high-powered rifle.

Opie’s owner, Rio Youngblood, asked Franklin why he shot the dog.

dog shot dead

Image Credit: Malone Family

The officer didn’t say a word but lifted the rifle again and shot Opie one more time.

All this while the children were watching through the window.

dog shot dead

Image Credit: Fox 25

After the second shot, Franklin got in his car and drove off. Later, the officer claimed the dog was trying to attack him through the fence.

Okay, so was the fence going to collapse?

dog shot dead

Image Credit: Fox 25

A dog behind a fence is not dangerous unless you hop the fence or the fence is going to fall over.

Sadly, Chief Ken Moore said the shooting was justified.

Moore just took the word of his officer.

The Wynnewood Police Department should be ashamed. There was no reason to shoot Opie twice with a high-powered rifle.

This could have been avoided – not glossed over with a ‘justified shooting’ claim.

Rest in Peace, Opie.

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