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Boy Receives Heart From Late Teen. Years Later He Asks Her Heartbroken Mom To Dance

When Amanda Pierce died in 2013 after a car accident, her heart was given to Garret Leopold. Garret had a congenital defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome that caused the left side of his heart not to develop properly. Amanda’s mother, Laurie said in an interview that he daughter was beautiful and loving.

Four years later, Garet and Laurie are going to reunite for a special moment – the American Heart Association’s Heart Ball is being held in Amanda’s honor, and Laurie will be able to dance with Garret. Both Garret and Laurie are honored to be able to share this precious moment with each other. If it weren’t for Amanda, Garret would have died.

Take a look at this video

It goes without saying that the dance will be something neither one will ever forget. Consider being an organ donor. Save a life.

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