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Boy Sees Little Girl Walk Off With Cousin — Realizes Something Is Very Wrong

TJ Smith is only 11 years old, but he is a hero. TJ was playing outside near his home in Wichita Falls when he noticed a man grab a young girl that was riding her scooter.

TJ immediately knew something was terribly wrong. He ran to find help and then chased after the man!

What 11-year-old does that?!

The police found the man and took custody of the seven-year-old girl.

The man confessed he planned to have sex with the girl.

Before the police arrived, the man was followed to an empty house.

James Ware, another neighbor, and his wife yelled at the man to leave the girl alone.

Take a look at this video

Ware went in closer, and the man let the girl go – but then he ran.

Ware gave chase and held him until the police arrived.

TJ was made an Honorary Police Member for his efforts!

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