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Boy Gets Up To Use The Potty, But There’s Already Something Inside It

You never think to check and make sure there is nothing in the toilet that could hurt you before you sit down – right? After this story, you may want to start checking! A boy in Texas found a western diamondback rattlesnake in the toilet at his home! Turns out that that house also had 23 other rattlesnakes in it!

They are saying that the snake in the toilet had found its way into a relief pipe and made its way to the toilet. How the other 23 got into the house isn’t clear. I would pack up my family and move! Watch the video clip below, it is from the television show “The Doctors, ” and it has pictures of all the snakes!

Take a look at this video

Reportedly, no one was injured at home despite the venomous snake infestation! Be sure to check the toilet before you sit!

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