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Teen Dies After Drinking This Legal Drink — If Your Child Drinks It Too, Warn Them Immediately

Caffeine is the most addictive drug in the world. If you drink coffee, tea, or even sodas every day, you are addicted. It is possible to overdose on caffeine – too much could kill you if you consume it in a short period of time. Davis Allen Cripe passed out during class at Spring Hill High School on April 26th, and after some time, died at Palmetto Health Parkridge Hospital.

The cause of death was an overdose of caffeine. Davis had reportedly drank a large Mountain Dew along with an energy drink in a 2-hour time frame. Coroner Gary Watts told reporters at a press conference that he tells his family and friends not to drink caffeinated beverages because of their inherent danger.

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If you have a person in your life that like to drink coffee, energy drinks, and carbonated beverages, please tell them to be very careful.

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