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Five Teens Pull Off Incredible Rescue Of Boy Dangling From Ski Lift

It was a normal day at the Grouse Mountain ski resort in Vancouver, British Columbia. Skiers were enjoying a sunny day with great snowfall.

One 8-year-old was having a blast until the situation took a turn for the worse.

Moments after getting on the chair lift, the boy slipt and was dangling 20 feet above the slopes below.

Although the situation looked rather grim, some fellow skiers took immediate action to save the boy from imminent peril.

According to bystanders, the situation went downhill quickly after the boy boarded the ski lift. His dad held on tightly as the boy began to slip out of the seat.

Screams to the operator couldn’t be heard over the loud music playing on the lift.

The father was losing grip as the ski lift continued moving higher and higher.

There was a group of five friends below who heard the boy screaming.

Without hesitation, the teenagers began developing a rescue plan.

One skier grabbed a piece of orange fencing that was on the slope.

Another friend grabbed foam padding.

They set up a makeshift trampoline beneath the young boy.

They advised the boy to first remove his skis and then to let go of his dad’s hand.

The boy was clearly panicking, but time was running out.

In a moment of terror, the boy let go and fell to the ground.

Luckily, the plan to save the boy was successful.

Thanks to the Good Samaritans, the boy wasn’t harmed.

The five teenagers who saved the boy are being treated like heroes.

While other skiers stood by helplessly, these friends sprang into action and saved an innocent life.

The president of the resort is supposed to meet with the heroes and offer season passes for their actions.

Not many people could have acted as quickly or effectively as these teenagers.