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Tired Boy And His Cow Lose At Dairy Fair, But Win The Internet After Falling Asleep!

Mitchell Miner, 15, and his cow, Audri, recently competed at the Iowa State Fair dairy cattle show. The team finished fifth out of a field of seven. When the competition was over, Mitchell and Audri were exhausted and took a quick nap in the barn!

Mitchell’s dad captured the moment in a photo and posted it on Facebook – it went viral and had more than 15,000 likes in just 24 hours! Both of Mitchell’s parents, Jeremy and Laura Miner, had grown up on farms but moved away.

They wanted their children to have some of the same experiences they did, and they borrow farm animals every summer, so the kids get a taste of the farm life. Once the showings are completed in September, Audri will be heading back to the dairy farm.

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