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Boy Who Was Anxious About Starting Preschool Gets Reassurance From Their Family Cat!

Most kids don’t need encouragement to get into trouble – it comes naturally – right? But sometimes, young children need encouragement to do something new (and potentially scary) – like go to school. When William Dutton was three years old, he was a little hesitant about going to preschool. Milly Moos, the family cat was able to help him overcome his fear!

Milly Moo sits next to William as he gets ready for school. Then she will walk with William and his mother, Victoria to Maple Tree Lower School. It helps William’s confidence level! Milly Moo has been with William since before he was even born – she is family. In 2014, Milly Moos was a National Cat Award finalist. Watch the video to meet this loving family cat!

Take a look at this video!

Hopefully, Milly Moos will be around for years and years! She is truly an amazing cat. And here you thought all cats were loners!

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