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This Boy And His Dog’s Morning Routine Will Definitely Kick Start Your Day!

What do you do when you get up? Do you have a routine? One of the first things I have to do is let the dog out! After that, I feed the dog. Then I let the dog out again. Finally, I get to take care of myself and get my morning coffee! May not sound like much fun to you – but, I wouldn’t want any other morning routine!

In this video, the little boy and his dog have a routine too. The two wake up and head to the kitchen. I won’t spoil the whole thing for you. But, I will say that their morning routine involves coffee too! LOL. I am pretty sure that the dog doesn’t really drink the coffee – so, don’t worry.

Take a look at this video!

I have to believe that the little boy isn’t drinking real coffee either – but, hey, who knows! There is no better way to start the day! Share away, people!