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Story Of A Boy And His Dog Called Duck Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

The following video is about a boy and his dog named Duck. It is a commercial from the dog food company, IAMS. If you own a dog, this video will reinforce all the reasons why you love your dog so much. If you don’t own a dog, this will show you all the ways that a dog makes your life better and fuller.

The video starts out when the boy and the dog are young. We get little glimpses of their lives as they both get older. Towards the end, we find out how the dog came to be called Duck. He had a different name at first! This is the type of commercial that makes you forget the company behind the ad.

Take a look at this video

What you will remember most is the love and companionship you saw. Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Treat them well.

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