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Bound In Chains That Outweighed Her, No One Heard Her Little Cries For Help

Meet Andie, a 10-week-old puppy who was left out in the hot sun amongst heaps of scrapped trash. She was also tied down with metal shackles and heavy chains that weighed twice her weight! Andie was also suffering from mange, a painful skin condition due to mite infestation. Her cries were initially unnoticed, till PETA stepped in to help.

They gave her emergency medical attention, as well as a much needed food and water supply. PETA also found her a new loving forever home – Andie is no longer lonely, as she has fur-siblings to accompany her, besides her new owner! Andie’s journey to a better life is a touching one – see it for yourself!

Check out the video below!

Remember – don’t buy, adopt!

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