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Boy Gets Painful Unusual Sores On Arm After Playing In Bouncy House. Doctors Warn Parents About This Infection

Bouncy houses are colorful, fun, and pretty good exercise for kids. They seem pretty harmless, don’t they? Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case for some that haven’t been properly clean, as this mother and her son discovered.

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Brenda Sanderson and her sons were at a fun graduation party which included a bouncy house that kids could play in. Naturally, her sons were only too happy to play in it. Everything seemed fine, but two days later, Brenda noticed that one of her sons had strange marks on his body.

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When she asked him about it, the ten-year-old said that he thought they were from all the wrestling and sliding on the plastic of the house, which had given him “burns”, somewhat similar to how rug or carpet burn would occur. Brenda accepted the explanation, though she was slightly worried.

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Days later, her concerns proved to have grounds, as sores began to erupt all over the boy’s body. He was rushed to the hospital and it was found that he had contracted a staph infection due to bacteria on the bouncy house, which was not properly cleaned before use. An open cut may have caused the bacteria to infect Brenda’s son.

So the next time your child is heading onto a bouncy house, make sure you look over it to ensure that it’s clean!