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Someone Kept Stealing This Man’s Packages. Then He Set Up This Trap And Started Recording

Stealing packages from someone else’s front porch is wrong. Right? Well, some people are willing to stoop to the level of stealing from others. Jaireme Barrow from Tacoma, Washington was tired of having his packages stolen. So he planned the ultimate revenge and shared it with the world. What did he do?

He rigged a box with a firing mechanism and a 12-gauge shotgun shell. Yes, the shell was a blank so no one will get shot. But, they will get a scare of a lifetime. When he put the special package on his porch, he sat back and waited. Sure enough, the woman stops in front of his house and comes to the porch.

Take a look at this video

She is probably thinking how lucky she is to find a box just sitting there asking to be taken. When she tries to pick the box up – BOOM! Can you say OMG! Share away, people!