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Before You Board A Plane Again You Need To Know These 13 Horrifying Secrets

We have come up with thirteen guidelines to make sure you stay happy and healthy on your next flight!

1. Don’t drink coffee or tea! The water used to make these beverages could be loaded with bacteria! Get your caffeine fix before you board the plane!

plane secrets

Image Credit: chasing.thenight / Instagram

2. Respect the personal space of your fellow passengers. That one really needs no further explanation – right?

plane secrets

Image Credit: julescorrales / Instagram

3. Be courteous to the hard-working flight attendants. There are plenty of other cranky people they have to deal with, the least you can do is not be a jerk!

plane secrets

Image Credit: ho163 / Instagram

4. Avoid carbonated beverages. The change in air pressure will make the gas expand and leave you feeling less than ok! Drink water, stay hydrated.

plane secrets

Image Credit: thedailybeautyblotter / Instagram