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Blind Rescue Dog Saves Drowning Teenager’s Life After Hearing Her Crying For Help

The dog in this story is a hero, he is also blind and a former shelter dog. His name is Norman, a Labrador Retriever. Norman wasn’t always blind, as the story goes, he lost his vision shortly after he had been rescued from the shelter. Eyesight wasn’t needed for Norman to jump in and save a 14-year-old girl from drowning.

We all know that dogs have excellent hearing, it isn’t hard to imagine that Norman’s hearing helped him save the day! The video below is a reenactment from the incident that occurred back in 1996. What in the world would possess a dog who couldn’t see to run right into the water to save a complete stranger?

Take a look at this video

Norman was able to tow the drowning girl back to shore. Miracles happen!

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