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Stranger Comes Across A Tick Infested Blind Kitten. Two Months Later…

Sometimes you just need a second chance for things to work out. Sometimes that second chance is what may just save your life. In November 2016, a tiny kitten was found covered in ticks and badly infected eyes. A Good Samaritan brought the kitten to Dr. Matt, who said the kitten would be blind.

They named the kitten Mr. Peepers and took care of all his medical needs. They helped him get food, gave him baths, and helped ease the pain in his eyes. Once Mr. Peepers had put on enough weight, he was ready for surgery. They needed to remove his eyes so they wouldn’t keep getting infected. The surgery was a success, and Mr. Peepers is doing just great!

Take a look at this video!

Even without his sight, Mr. Peepers can now live a normal and happy life! Go to a shelter, maybe you can give an animal there a second chance. Share away, people!