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Black Kitten Suffers From Seizures, But Rescue Piglet Knows Exactly How To Calm Her Down

Batman is 2-week-old piglet whose best friend happens to be a kitten named Sriracha! They are more than just friends, though, Sriracha depends on Batman! Sriracha frequently has seizures because she has a neurological disorder. The adorable kitten and her buddy both are living at Rancho Relaxo, a New Jersey based rescue organization.

Caitlin Cimini, the founder of Rancho Relaxo, says that Sriracha has Feline Cerebellar hypoplasia which is a non-contagious, non-progressive condition that causes balance and walking issues. Cerebellar Hypoplasia happens when parts of the cerebellum do not develop properly. PetMD reports that it has a genetic cause or can be the result of exposure to toxins, infections, or nutritional deficiencies.

Image Credit: YouTube

The staff says that Batman can sense when Sriracha is going to have a seizure and will rush over to her side! Then Batman puts his body on top of hers as if to help calm her down! Caitlin says that Sriracha is defiantly thankful that Batman is there and she gives her friend a bath each day! The two are definitely bonded! Watch the video to see how Batman helps his friend – and you will see the love they share as well!

According to the Rancho Relaxo, they are a fully functional animal advocacy non-profit group that takes in abused and neglected farm animals. They do some wonderful work if you can spare it, consider making a donation so they can continue to care for animals in need. Share away, people!