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Mom Notices Black Dots Inside Of Her Baby’s Nose, Then Realizes What’s Causing Them

One of the best thing about the cooler months is being able to burn candles. You can buy scented candles, and your whole house will smell fantastic! But, burning candles can be risky – it is an open flame after all. Have you ever read the label on a scented candle? You know, the one on the bottom? No? Well, read on!

Many candles come with a warning to only let them burn for three hours at a time! If you let some candles burn too long, there may be some unhealthy side effects! The dark soot that comes off the candle is what you need to avoid. When buying scented candles, make sure they are good quality and always read the labels!

Take a look at this video

Those labels are there for a reason!

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