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Mom Who Gave Birth Without An Epidural Left Speechless After Seeing Baby’s ‘Giant’ Body!

When someone gives birth, you expect a tiny baby – or one at an average size who looks so small in their parents’ arms. But that’s definitely not what happened to Natashia Corrigan! Natashia’s pregnancy and labor went quite smoothly.

At 36 weeks, her baby-to-be weighted in at nine pounds, which indicated an average size. During the birth process, she had an almost entirely natural birth, with her only pain relief being air and gas. She did not undergo an epidural.

But when her son Brian Jr. popped out, he weighed a whopping 13.4 pounds and was so big that the image of Natashia holding him went viral almost instantly.

He’s the heaviest to ever be born at Mercy Hospital, and might even be the heaviest in the entire region! Needless to say, his mother absolutely loves him.