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Bird Tries To Revive Her Friend After He Smashes Into The Window (Video)

When a person passes out, you can sometimes do CPR (when appropriate) to try and revive them.

A while time back, we saw a video of a monkey who helped revive a fellow monkey that had gotten electrocuted on some train tracks.

It was a very tense few minutes and we wondered if the fallen monkey would wake up.

How animals know how to revive each other is mind boggling. In this video, your mind will be blown!

A bird flew into a window and fell lifeless to the ground. Another bird swoops in and tries to revive her fallen friend.

She tugs, pecks, and pushes the lifeless bird but nothing seems to be working.

We wouldn’t be telling you this story if the ending was sad – so, have faith!

Take a look at this video

I can only imagine what the bird was thinking as she worked!

It takes a little while, but the bird does wake up and fly off!

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