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Grandma Thinks Newborn’s Gender Is The Surprise, Only To Find Daughter Lied During Pregnancy

Gender reveal parties are all the rage. You can get a cake colored either pink or blue to let all the party goers know if the baby will be a boy or a girl. In 2010, Korey and Sharon met while attending classes at Pensacola Christian College. They soon welcomed a baby boy into the world. In 2014, Sharon was pregnant again.

This time they wanted the gender of their baby to be a surprise. To make sure that the gender (and a little something else) was kept secret, the couple stayed away from social media and swore the few people who knew to secrecy. This video shows the moment when Sharon’s mom learns the gender of her grandchild.

Take a look at this video!

She had brought a pink and blue balloon, to make sure she had it right. The reactions from their family and friends are priceless! Don’t you think?! Share away, people!