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Officer Gives His Beloved Retiring K-9 Partner A Beautiful Send-Off

Police officers put their lives on the line for us every day, but we mustn’t forget about K-9 officers, the often unsung canine heroes who serve their districts alongside their handlers and assigned officers.

Image Credit: YouTube

Faust the K-9 officer has served the police force for eight years and one day, and it was time for him to retire and enjoy a relaxing life at home.

On his final day, his loved and loyal partner police officer, Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, decided to give him the send-off he deserved.

Image Credit: YouTube

After a long day of work, Faust sat in his seat in the front of the car as Schaffer made a final call for the pup to the dispatcher.

Faust went on alert, ears standing straight as the sound of the radio cackling to life rang out.

Schaffer knew it would be hard to bid farewell to his beloved partner, and in an emotional call, he struggles to keep his composure as he thanks the pup for being with him and keeping him safe.

Image Credit: YouTube

The pup seems to understand the tone of the call and whimpers, snuggling up to his partner to cheer him up and trying to give him a kiss.

Schaffer gives the dog scratches and pets, and finally, tenderly gives him a kiss on the nose.

It’s a tearful farewell.

Image Credit: YouTube

Faust and Schaffer have responded to countless calls and are both certified in the field of explosives detection and patrol.

Now, Faust gets the retirement he deserves after all those years of service.

But luckily, he won’t be separated from Schaffer, as Schaffer was able to officially adopt the pup!

You can watch this emotional moment in the video below.

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