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Turns Out, There’s A Bee Species That Sleep In Flowers And It’s As Cute As It Sounds

Bees have long received a bad rap for their stingers and incessant buzzing.

As such, the bee population is slowing at an alarming rate.

However, bees are vital to our ecosystem and help keep pollen levels in check.

Above all else, we wouldn’t have delicious, raw honey if not for our bee friends.

Some individuals grasp the importance of bees and even have a deep-seated appreciation for their mysterious beauty.

Joe Neely and his fiancée, Niccole, are two such people.

Neely, a noted wildlife photographer, was basking in nature with his bride-to-be when they stumbled upon a picturesque moment.

bees sleep in flowers

Niccole was the one who discovered the adorable scene.

Niccole, who was roaming around some Globe Mallow plants, heard some bees buzzing about and decided to approach the flowers.

With all the buzzing she’d heard, Niccole was sure she’d see bees flying around.

Instead, she found two bees nestled together in one of the flowers.

bees sleep in flowers

When one of the bees noticed that all of the other flowers were occupied, it decided to buddy up with another.

Niccole witnessed the bee enter the flower and snuggle up to the other bee.

According to Niccole and Joe, it was like nothing they’d ever seen.

The moment was so precious that they could hardly contain themselves.

Not surprisingly, Joe immediately whipped out his camera and snapped a photo.

The bees looked as content as could be side by side in the Globe Mallow plant.

bees sleep in flowersScientists maintain that it’s not uncommon for these bees to sleep in these specific plants.

They’ve become so fond of Globe Mallow flowers that their species is known as the Globe Mallow Bee.