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Bed-Ridden Man Miraculously Gets Better After His Horse Visits Him At The Hospital

Francisco Mena was very sick. He’d suffered from a perforated intestine and had been stuck recovering at a hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil for four months. But he wasn’t getting better, and only getting weaker and more depressed by the day, regardless of medication. He lost his appetite and was soon unable to walk.

Doctors thought seeing his pet might cheer him up. There was just one problem – Mena’s pet was a horse. The hospital was used to allowing their patients dogs or cats to pop in to make them happy, but getting a big horse named Esquilador into the ward didn’t seem feasible. Nevertheless, they were determined to make it work.

So on Mena’s 65th birthday, his friends helped to bring Esquilador to the hospital, where he waited outside for his owner. Then, Mena was wheeled outside. The second Mena saw his horse, his entire countenance lifted. He became happy, his spirits lightened, for the first time since he’d arrived at the hospital – and his horse was pretty happy, too!

After Esquilador’s visit, Mena only continued to improve. He began to eat again and even felt strong enough to walk once more. The change was so drastic that it shocked all his doctors! Now, Mena has done so well that he is due to be discharged within a week. Soon, he’ll be back home, where he’ll get to spend more time with Esquilador.

Somehow, without realizing it, the horse saved his life. What a miracle!

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