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Meet The Jungle Book Gang — See The Unlikely Friendship Between Bear, Tiger And Lion

Have you ever heard of the famous trio consisting of 3 animals named the ‘BLT’? They consisted of Baloo the American black bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger, all rescues residing in the same enclosure at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, located in Georgia’s Locust Grove, United States.

The three animals were rescued by the local police from their periods of starvation and parasitic living conditions during a drug raid and became thick as thieves before residing in the sanctuary in 2001.

The unusual ‘bromance’ lasted for 15 years.

Shere Khan was found severely underweight with a body full of ticks and fleas.

Leo had tried to escape while he was a cub back at his old home – desperate to get out of the enclosure which was too small for him, he would rub his nose raw!