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Bear Falls Off Cliff And Dies After Villagers Throw Rocks At It

This is a tragic incident where a bear dies after falling off a cliff and being attacked by rocks thrown by the villagers.

It is still not clear if the fall caused the death of the bear, but it does not look great for the bear.

This incident took place in Kargil, which is a district in India in the Drass area.

Two videos surfaced of the incident, and one video shows the bear falling off the cliff.

The video was shared on Twitter by Mahmood Ahmed Shah who is the director of tourism.

Mahmood stated in the twitter post that the incident is macabre.

The videos posted went viral being shared on social media.

The video was shared by Mehbooba Mufti who is the previous Jammu and Kashmir chief minister.

In her post, she suppressed how it was inhuman for the local villagers to intrude the habitat of the bear in the first place.

She expressed her dismay at the video and how heartbreaking it was to watch because the villagers acted inhumanly.

She is, however, not the only person who expressed her dismay at the footage.

Other Twitter users joined the conversation and stated their shock at what they had seen.

This has created an online uproar about the incident with everyone supporting the bear.

Many were in agreement that the local villagers had intruded the habitat of the wildlife and that it was wrong.

Many individuals went ahead to demand justice for the bear because of the cruelty it had faced.

The twitter users wanted the villagers to be brought to justice.

Authorities have abided to this request and are undergoing investigations to find out the villagers behind the brutal attack.

Baseer-ul-Haq Choudhary who is the deputy commissioner of the village has ordered for the tracing of the bear alongside other wildlife department teams.

They hope to trace the bear and also identify the people that were casting the stones.

These people will be prosecuted sufficiently.