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Cute Beagle Told To ‘Play Dead’ And The Way He Does It Cracks Everyone Up

Ever see an opossum play dead? It is something to see.

When they sense danger and know there is no escape, they fall down and look (and even smell) like they are dead. Most predators will then just leave them alone.

Bailey is not an opossum, but, Bailey knows how to play dead like a champ!

Oh, Bailey is a beagle. When David Letterman was still on the air, Bailey went to go be on the show.

David Letterman and the world needed to see just how good Baily was at playing dead.

You will have to admit that Bailey and his owner have raised the bar with this trick!

Take a look at this video!

Have you ever seen anything quite like that before? How do you train a dog to do that?

I am lucky if my dog sits when I tell her to! Good dog, Bailey!

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