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Little Bat Loves To Be Petted — And Shows His Appreciation In The Most Lovable Way

Bats often have a scarily frightening reputation – especially the vampire bat. Thanks to movies, cartoons and Halloween, we are often wary of these greatly misunderstood creatures. After all, no human is the same – why should bats be any different? After watching one bat, you will certainly change your mind about them!

Meet Jeddah, a Grey-Headed Flying-Fox who absolutely LOVES human touch – in the form of pets and scratches! He makes the cutest squeaks in the arms of his handler, Mandi Griffith from the local rescue and rehab organization, Sydney Wildlife. Jeddah has suffered from an injury since birth, and cannot be re-released into the wild due to his great dependence on humans – Mandi would have to care for him instead.

Image Credit: Megabattie / YouTube

This is proof that even bats can love humans.

Image Credit: Megabattie / YouTube

Check Jeddah’s daily petting session below – click to play it!

Isn’t he the sweetest flying mammal you’ve ever came across?

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