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Bat Goes Flying Into Stands At Baseball Game, Then Hero Dad Saved Son’s Life (Video)

You are sitting in the stands watching a baseball game, the bat slips out of player’s hands and heads right for you. If you are lucky, you see it and duck out of the way – or, your dad sees the bat coming and reaches his hand out and saves the day! This very thing happened during Braves-Pirates game!

The bat slipped out of Danny Ortiz’s hand and headed straight for 8-year-old Landon’s face. Luckily, Landon’s dad Shaun saw it and stuck his arm out. Talk about quick reflexes! Somehow, the exact moment Shaun’s arm deflected the bat was captured on film, and it has gone viral.

Watch the interview Shaun and Landon did in the video below.

We always talk about how much love a mom has for her children. But most fathers have the same amount of love – this video is the proof of that!

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