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Devoted Dogs Refuse To Leave Side Of Their Dying Baby Sister In The Hospital

In a cruel twist of fate, 5-month-old Nora Hall suffered a massive stroke in April 2016. The doctors did not expect her to live for very long after. Understandably, Nora’s parents Mary and John were devastated. They posted their story on Facebook. The family’s two basset hounds were affected by the tragedy as well.

Many people who don’t have dogs do not realize how much dogs love and care for their families. Dog are a source of comfort and joy. Dogs can sense things – they are probably wiser than most people give them credit for. Because of the circumstances, the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital allowed the eight-year-old Basset Hounds to come visit the dying infant.

Once the two dogs got in the room, they both refused to leave. They knew. Doctors were able to determine the cause of Nora’s stroke. She had pulmonary hypertension. An MRI showed that Nora’s brain was being starved of oxygen.