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Ballplayer In Tears After Accidentally Hitting 4-Year-Old Girl With A 90 MPH Foul Ball

We all know that accidents happen, and when they do, it really does hit us right in the feels, leaving us guilty and confused.

This is exactly what happened during a baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.

Chicago Cubs batter Albert Almora Jr. had no idea that the foul ball he was about to hit at 90 MPH would smack a 4-year-old girl directly in the face.

You can imagine what happened next – everyone froze in terror.

No one was expecting such an accident, especially not father of two, Almora, who immediately dropped to his knees and began crying and praying.

The team stopped the game as soon as they spotted Almora and, together with the manager, they rushed over to console him.

Take a look at this video

The little girl is expected to be okay as she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

This incident serves as a reminder to the Major League Baseball teams to prioritize safety and extend netting to 70 feet in all directions so such accidents can be avoided.

While some teams have placed this netting, other teams, like the Yankees, still don’t have one in place.

We hope the netting will be extended as early as possible.