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Soldier Preparing For Deployment Surprises His Sister Who’s Battling Cancer (Video)

Mary Pat was diagnosed with leukemia when she was six years old.

She underwent treatment and had some periods of remission.

In 2009, when she was in college, it returned.

She continues her fight.

Mary Pat has two brothers that both moved away and started their own lives, it has been hard for Mary Pat not to have them closer.

In the spring of 2016, Mary Pat was asked to decorate a cake for a 6-year old fighting cancer.

It was a meaningful task that Mary Pat took seriously.

While she was getting this cake ready, her brother was preparing for deployment to Iraq.

He was thousands of miles away in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The cake was made, beautifully decorated, and it was ready to be picked up.

Mary Pat will get the surprise of a lifetime when the customer comes to pick it up!

Watch the video to see what happens

Did this make you shed a tear? I bet it did.

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