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If You See A Bag Filled With Water Above Someone’s Front Door, Here’s What It Actually Means

Have you heard of an anti-fly trick that would not ruin your BBQ day in your backyard? Well, this trick works like a charm every time – and its surprisingly cheap and incredibly easy to make!

Meet the DIY hack: the water bag fly repelling trick. The bags are simply of a penny and water mixture, and you can hang it almost anywhere – even on top of your doors to keep those pesky flies out of your home!

Image Credit: AWM

All you need are the following: sandwich bags, lime juice, pennies, water and salt – just mix them all up and seal them into the bags, ready to be hanged around your house as fly repellents!

Flies have poor visual receptors, so hanging water bags messes with their eyesight – and they avoid your BBQ in the end!

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