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Baby Zebra Is Drowning While Crossing A River. Then A Hippo Does The Most Surprising Thing…

This story reminds me of the song with the line “You’ve got a friend in me.” The not so hungry, hungry hippo in this story saved the life of a young zebra! Keep in mind that hippos are known to eat both plants and animals. But, this hippo decided to be the hero and save the zebra! The baby zebra was with the herd when they tried to cross an African river.

The current was too strong, and the baby zebra was swept away. The hippo stepped up and made sure the baby zebra got to shore! The baby zebra was clearly exhausted after the ordeal. He and his new hippo friend hung out on the rocks for a little while before going their separate ways.

Take a look at this video

If two animals that normally have nothing to do with each other can get along – can’t all human beings? Animals are often more humane than humans.

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