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Baby Won’t Stop Crying, But When The Cat Notices, No Was Prepared For It

Sometimes the baby just won’t stop crying. You know that the baby has eaten and has a clean diaper – what else could it be? Maybe the infant is just tired or has gas. It is hard to know what to do to stop a baby from crying… unless you are the cat in this video! Some animals just have that mothering instinct.

Or perhaps if the cat started to purr, the baby heard it and had to stop crying to hear it better! Who knows what happens, it is just pure magic! The baby cries and the cat makes a beeline for the infant. She lays right up by the baby’s head and snuggles close until the baby stops crying! She even seems to try to ‘talk’ to the baby.

Watch the video below and see for yourself

I bet this child and kitty have a long happy life together!

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