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She Wants Her Baby To Say ‘Mama,’ But It’s The Dog You’ll Want To Pay Attention To

Teaching your baby to talk is fun and exciting. We all have the desire for our baby to say “momma.” Why? Because it is cute and that is what babies do – they are cute. The woman in this video is trying to get her baby to say ‘momma.’ The dog in this video is watching very closely and is about to steal the show!

After all, the dog (at this age) is a little quicker than the baby and knows how to make his momma happy! It is possible that the dog is just desperate for food and realizes that if he says “momma” he might be the one to get the delicious goodies on the end of the fork!

Take a look at this video!

The baby probably has just learned to stand and is using every ounce of concentration to keep upright. No worries little one, you will be talking soon enough!

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