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2-Year-Old Girl Dies From Swallowing A Button Battery Over Christmas

The story of Brianna Florer and her tragic passing during Christmas is heartbreaking and devastating.

It serves as a reminder to many parents around the world about the dangers of their children placing things in their mouths.

Seemingly harmless on the surface, these actions could lead to dire consequences, and we’re sharing her story to spread awareness and prevent future mishaps of this variety.

Brianna was two years old when this incident occurred.

Her mom and dad, Stephanie and Brian Florer, both had to go to work on a certain day and decided to leave their daughter in the care of her grandfather, Kent Vice.

Vice, who absolutely loved and doted on his grandchild, watched after her carefully, and everything seemed fine.

Stephanie Florer / Facebook

Right after that day, Brianna developed a minor fever.

Considering the weather in Delaware County, Oklahoma during Christmas-time, her parents were not too worried about it.

They figured that sickness in young children isn’t too uncommon and thought she would be okay.

Stephanie Florer / Facebook

But then, things took a turn for the horrifying when Brianna began to vomit blood.

Her face was also turning blue.

She was hurried over to a hospital nearby, but the surgeons who worked on her in the emergency room could not save her.

She was experiencing severe internal bleeding in her small esophagus, and unfortunately, it was too late, and Brianna passed away in the hospital.

Stephanie Florer / Facebook

The cause behind this devastating and sudden change in Brianna’s health?

A single button battery.

The small, shiny metallic object had likely caught her eye when no one was looking, and she’d probably decided to put it in her mouth and ended up swallowing it.

The battery has been ingested 6 days before her passing.

Neither Brianna’s parents nor her grandfather had any idea when she’d swallowed the battery.

As the New Year came around, the Florers had to busy themselves with funeral preparations – a truly sad beginning to the turn of a year.

Christmas has now become a rather painful reminder for them of how Brianna’s health had so suddenly taken a dramatic turn and she was taken away from them.

Stephanie Florer / Facebook

Small button batteries – known more properly as lithium coin batteries, commonly found in watches, toys, and other small devices – might seem like they aren’t particularly dangerous.

For the luckier people, these tiny batteries might pass right through their system.

For most, it doesn’t go so well.

The batteries typically get stuck and start to emit the charge from within them.

This can lead to tissue and blood vessel damage and burns, often resulting in permanent injury – some of which may be fatal.

Many hospitals report severe, life-changing damage as a result of battery ingestion.

We completely understand that it isn’t possible to keep an eye on curious children all the time.

That’s why Brianna’s story is a reminder to parents to keep all batteries well out of reach of their young kids.

Share this story to get this out there and potentially help parents keep their kids safe, especially around this busy season!