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Baby Steals Dog’s Treat, Dad Is In Stitches About Dog’s Choice Of Retaliation

Dogs are known to be loyal, even to the younger members of the family.

One video showcases the interaction between a large German Shepherd, Brano, and that of a small toddler named Ava.

With food involved, the father grabbed his camera and started to capture the fight over food, closely watching how this charade played out.

The beginning of the video shows Brano chewing up his treat, a bone just received from his owner.

As he eats it, pieces break off and land on the carpet where a suspecting onlooker takes her chance.

Ava, sitting close to the German Shepherd, reaches down and grabs the biscuit pieces.

Behind the camera, you can hear the dad say “Ava, did you steal his treat?” while Brano sniffs around the carpet.

It only takes him a few seconds to realize that the toddler was the culprit. He gently licks at her hand and tries to gingerly take it away from her.

When Eva does not give up the goods, the German Shepherd lies down next to her, turning on the puppy dog eyes instead of resorting to any physical movements.

She stubbornly holds on to the treat, even when the dad tries to get the treat back.

Brano makes one more gentle attempt to steal his reward back, failing to get it as Eva turns away.

Most people would immediately separate these two, afraid of what the dog could do the child, but nothing happened.

This interaction is a perfect example of how loving a large dog can be in the midst of children.

Instead of using his body to reclaim the treat that was rightfully his, Brano decided to stay back and wait for it – though he never was able to convince Eva to drop it.

Hopefully, Brano was given another biscuit for his good acts.