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The Baby Sitter Did The Unthinkable To Their Toddler… And Faces NO Charges.

We should all be wary of whom we entrust our loved ones to, especially a stranger and a defenseless toddler.

Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury’s son was only a year’s old, and subjected to a series of unrecorded abuse by his babysitter, who actually confessed but remains a free man.

Unfortunately for the couple, there was a lack of evidence that proved who the culprit was. The infant’s face spotted severe bruises shaped like hand prints, as well as scratches from the abuser’s fingernails.

Doctors who examined Joshua’s son told the couple that the baby was smacked so hard, he could have died as a result of his injuries.

The abusive babysitter remains uncharged and unpunished for his cruelty to this infant. Joshua has no other choice but to turn to social media for help in a cry for justice to be served.

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