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This Baby Panda Has A Genius Way Of Hiding When His Keeper Comes Into The Enclosure

Many zoos around the world have breeding programs to help save endangered species from extinction. See this cute little panda? He is living in Chengdu, China and recently tried to get out of his enclosure can go exploring. He wasn’t exactly successful in his attempt to get out – but he did become a rather cute door ornament!

He hangs on for dear life when the door opens and closes! There are 28 cameras in the enclosure and the adorable moment. The breeding program at the Chengdu Research Base has successfully bred 243 panda cubs. Their efforts, along with the efforts of other zoos around the world are helping to preserve the species.

Take a look at this video

Despite all the efforts pandas are still endangered with their numbers decreasing. Support your local zoo’s efforts to help prevent the loss of species. Visit your zoo or make a donation. Share away, people!