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Officer Climbs Into A Dumpster To Save This Creature And Quickly Learns The Truth About It

In May 2016, two great horned owls were found in a dumpster. The two birds were only five-weeks-old. You can see them in this photo huddled in the corner and sitting on trash – they are too young to fly out.

A good Samaritan found the owls and called the Phoenix Police Department, but the police called the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) to come and help get the two birds out of the dumpster. Andy Gallo, an Emergency Animal Medical Technician from the AHS, soon arrived on the scene.

Andy was able to get both owls out of the dumpster and into a box for transport. After being rescued from the dumpster, the owls were examined and found to be in good health.

Sadly, the person responsible will probably never be found. There is little chance that the two owls just ‘fell’ in the dumpster – they were put there on purpose. The owls were named Oscar and Diver and were taken to Wild at Heart Raptors, a rescue, rehabilitation and release shelter.